Sometimes dental problems need more that one visit to diagnose and treatment plan. For those people who are considering a cosmetic correction to smile issues or those who are planning on multiple tooth replacements with implants we perform and more in depth diagnosis and consultation. The first part includes the fabrication of dental models from impressions that are taken.

study models

From the study models we can mount the case on a device called an articulator. This mimics your jaw and allows us to make a specific diagnosis of your problem(s). Additionally it allows us to study your mouth more carefully for 360 degrees without having you in the dental chair. From this phase we can then recreate the final proposed restorations in wax to evaluate what they will function like and most importantly, how they will look!

28 waxed up teeth
maxillary wax up

Additionally from the model work we can make precise measurements and templates that allow ideal placement of dental implants when they are inserted.

implant fixture
max implants