Smile Design

We want you to have the smile you desire. Sometimes it is a challenge for both the patient and dentist to visualize what a person’s smile will look like when you place new teeth in their mouth. There is a myriad of details to consider when designing a smile such as lip and gum position, mobility of the lips, the complexion of the face, eye location, and the appearance of existing dentistry, etc. In order to better visualize the smile we will take a series of pre-determined photographs and securely transmit these via an online portal for a digital smile design. From here we can evaluate and alter the proposal if needed before proceeding. At this point, we will fabricate temporary shells and place them over the unprepared teeth to make certain this is the smile you desire.

Woman smiling with yellow and crooked teethSmile Design process to visualize new smileSmile Design proposal showcasing new smile

The digital workflow affords a more predictable outcome and better patient satisfaction for those seeking a more comprehensive approach to changing the smile.

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