Registered Dental Hygienists

Amy RDH brings 23 years of experience to our practice. She has been with our office since 2004 and is very knowledgeable and skilled. Not much escapes Amy’s capable hands and instruments. On her off time she enjoys living North of Moscow and rides horses and raises animals, a husband and one son. Amy’s infectious laugh can often be heard throughout the office.

Helen comes originally from the West side and has been a fixture in the office since 2008. This is the second office in her 29+ year career so we feel very fortunate to have her level of skill available to our patients. Helen has a memory like an elephant and if she cannot remember something, her detailed notes will refresh her memory. She lives in Pullman with her husband who is a SEL engineer.

Anna RDH graduated from LCSC hygiene program in 2012. She has been with the practice since 2014. Anna makes every one of her patients feel calm and comfortable while in the chair and is very flexible for where she is needed in the office. She has been a lifetime resident to the Valley and the Palouse. Anna loves spending time with her family, quilting, baking and traveling. Her most memorable get-away was to Italy, touring the ancient history of Rome. Her sweet temperament and vivacious attitude makes her a great asset to The Team.